Buying Your Seattle Home in 2018-2019

Value, Location, Size:  We start out thinking neighborhood first. We want a desired lifestyle. Walking to shops and restaurants, close to an urban village. But not everyone is designed to walk home with their groceries.


Knowing yourself:  Are you are the type to drive when walking is an option? You can probably get more house for the money heading a bit further out. Plus you may still be really close to school and parks, just not walking distance to Ethan Stowell’s new restaurant. That could be okay for you. Drive there, or take an Uber.


Examine your motivations. Is your home more of a respite to get away from a busy work day, or a hub for activity and parties? All of it is okay, but it is part of the evaluation process. What kind of a neighborhood do you want to live in? 

If you could afford a whole lot more space north of 80th, you might honestly prefer that. It could be better for your growing family. Just stuff to think about.


Following trends could cause you to eliminate neighborhoods that might suit your lifestyle quite well, especially if you are newer to Seattle. I frequently begin with buyers on one neighborhood and end up somewhere totally different, much to buyers’ surprise and pleasure! If you’d like a neighborhood tour, let me know. I grew up here.

Posted on October 4, 2018 at 4:00 pm
Nicole Bailey | Category: Queen Anne Homes For Sale

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